Data & System Security


We understand the important of security and safeguarding data, and we want you to rest assured that your data is in good hands.

We implement a wide range of tools and techniques to help protect your data and our services.

  1. Secured with SHA256 SSL Encryption
  2. Secure, Backed Up Data
  3. Reliable File Storage

Secured with SHA256 SSL Encryption


All our pages are secured by the highest level of security, similar to the one used by your bank. All data sent from your computer to our server and back is in an encrypted format.

Secure, Backed Up Data


All our databases are backed up in full to an off-site server each day, and regular back ups are taken every 30 minutes to help secure your data in the event of an issue.

Reliable File Storage


All uploaded files and documents are secured using encryption, both during upload and in storage. Important documents are inaccessible from the public web and can only be accessed once you’re logged in to Reoli itself. All files are stored on a durable platform, separate to the main web server.